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Have you heard of Numbskül?

The Major Brands team works hard every day to ensure that the brands in our portfolio thrive in Missouri. But let’s face it, sometimes a product enters our warehouse in rarified air. Interesting branding – that always helps! Amazing marketing? Possibly. The success of one brand in particular, Numbskül, has us thinking about the trajectory of certain products in a huge landscape of consumer choice. We’re seeing it fly off the shelves and backbars wherever it ships, and we wanted to take a moment to catch you up on this exciting, albeit mysterious success story.

One theory for the wild popularity of the brand is that we like a little bit of exclusivity, don’t we? Originally crafted for a local Wisconsin shot – but only currently available in Wisconsin and Missouri, Numbskül is turning up as a key cocktail component that’s got the brand owners racing to bottle more. The beauty of Caribbean Rum, combined with natural tropical fruits and warm spices leaves a lasting impression on retailers, bar owners and their customers. It’s a one-​of-​a-​kind drink experience.

The brand’s cult followers, aptly named Numbskül Nation, is constantly experimenting with new concoctions, and its mixability is endless. The Numbskül ’n Lemonade is a popular drink that’s easy to make — literally glass, ice, lemonade and Numbskül. Why complicate it?

Customers of Major Brands can order Numbskül online, and consumers – be on the lookout for this mysterious black matte bottle popping up everywhere across Missouri.

Photo credit @NumbskulNation