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Breakthru Beverage Group Acquires Major Brands

Breakthru Beverage Group will be acquiring Major Brands from the Wirtz family in Spring 2022, opening opportunity for new industry resources and expanded capabilities for the largest Missouri-​based wine and spirits wholesaler. From operational expertise, analytics and e‑commerce, this acquisition will allow Major Brands the ability to serve and support Missouri customers like never before, while maintaining our deep-​rooted relationships and commitment to our communities that remains a core value of Major Brands since 1934.

Breakthru recognizes and appreciates the Major Brands culture, time-​honored relationships and commitment to service, suppliers, retailers and the community and is committed to maintaining the strong Major Brands team. Major Brands has never been in a better position to succeed under the ownership and leadership of Breakthru Beverage Group, and we look forward to opening new doors of opportunity in 2022 and beyond.