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What We Do

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our products, relationships, community support and the responsible distribution of alcohol.

The Breakthru Beverage Missouri Way

Building exceptional relationships and delivering premium, reliable service is at the heart of what we do. We understand that having a wholesale license to distribute alcohol across the state of Missouri is a privilege, and that it comes with great responsibility to our community. 

Why Wholesale Distribution Matters 

Our history is linked to the 21st Amendment, the repeal of Prohibition and the establishment of the three-​tier system of safe alcohol distribution. In 1934, Breakthru Beverage Missouri (previously Major Brands) was granted one of the first wholesale wine and spirits licenses in the state, allowing it to sell wine and spirits to licensed retail accounts. As a licensed distributor, we occupy the middle tier in the three-​tier system, representing alcohol suppliers and distributing their products to licensed consumer retail accounts. Since our first day, our company has understood that the right to sell and distribute wine, spirits and beer in Missouri is a privilege and one that requires a commitment to responsible distribution and consumption, and the adherence to all federal, state and local requirements.

Breakthru Beverage Missouri plays an important role in the regulation of safe alcohol sales in the state. Every product that comes through our warehouse is properly registered, priced, tagged and promoted legally. We assist the state with regulatory matters, including: verifying licensed accounts, ensuring the proper collection of state and federal excise taxes (a major source of revenue for the state) and safe distribution, which includes the tracing of any product back its source. These steps benefit the consumer in a number of ways, including price transparency, a vast array of choice in the market and safe product distribution.

As your local wholesaler, you can count on our expertise in every area of sale and distribution, from product knowledge to an in-​depth understanding of and adherence to local laws. We’ll work closely with you to provide the range of quality local and global brands you need, fair pricing and trusted, compliant service.


For Suppliers

Successful brands are built on collaborative, enduring relationships. This is at the heart of The Breakthru Beverage Missouri Way. This means that every brand in our portfolio matters and our team’s brand-​building expertise ensures your brand will thrive in Missouri.

For Retailers

For Retailers

Breakthru Beverage Missouri distributes to roughly 9,000 retail accounts across Missouri, from large national and regional chains and convenience stores to your favorite bar or restaurant. No matter where you’re located, we’re ready to provide the products you need.